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    Lemaroc Bio Arganöl

– Organic guarantee –

AT-BIO 902
Nicht EU Landwirtschaft



  • LEMAROC organic argan oils are tested regularly by independent government-authorised test labs.
  • Our argan farmers follow organic guidelines and principles established by the EU, international government bodies and recognised environmental associations, and their compliance is strictly monitored.
  • In addition, we are committed to performing our own independent testing.
  • We have a comprehensive hygiene management system in place, which covers all of the processes of our production company in Morocco, all processes and packaging in Austria, and marketing for our products.
  • Our inspection of incoming goods comprises DIN-based sensory inspections of the raw materials (appearance, flavour, odour, consistency and other properties).

This post is also available in: French German

This post is also available in: French German


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