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The woman behind LeMaroc

Nothing is more alluring than secret rituals of centuries-old peoples – rituals that promise miracles. You can’t help but want to discover them. Passionate about organic cuisine and natural cosmetics, Gertraud Völkl, the founder of LEMAROC, was first introduced to and came to love hand-pressed argan oil during an inspiring three-month stay in Morocco in 2004.

She knew instinctively that she had stumbled across a treasure. She was so fascinated by the stories and legends told by elder Berbers about exquisite argan oil that she established a dedicated organic argan oil production centre in the Moroccan town of Kelaa M’gouna.

The traditional journey from tree to shimmery golden argan oil, with its delicate aroma, is slow and difficult, and one that Gertraud Völkl took together with Berber women to support their independence – from collecting the fruit to manually cracking open the nut inside.

She invested her whole heart, wealth of experience and deep knowledge of organic foods into establishing her own company to produce premium organic argan oil from Morocco. The LeMaroc brand followed, synonymous with the finest culinary and cosmetic products made from premium organic argan oil.


At LEMAROC, we’ve made it our business to preserve all of the beneficial properties of Moroccan argan oil that make it a prized ingredient in the kitchen and in premium cosmetics. And we’ve made it our business to share these with you.

We pursue our objectives out of the firm conviction that our organic argan oil is one of the most precious foodstuffs and skincare products on Earth.

In line with our own values and conviction, we want to share our carefully produced LEMAROC oils (for the kitchen, body and spirit) to help others have a healthy and enjoyable life.

Women have traditionally been responsible for producing argan oil in Morocco. We want to empower the women who are involved in production through our LEMAROC products and establish this Moroccan tradition in Austria and the rest of Europe with our organic argan oil.

The loving, detailed and personal way oil is produced is important to us – from harvest to packaging as LEMAROC products. Organic farming is an integrated approach that protects our living environment and nature. We want to actively help protect the argan tree’s habitat with our LEMAROC products.

Being open and honest about the origin, production and quality of LEMAROC argan oil products is important to us.

Fine Moroccan oil, with a golden shimmer,

made by hand using traditional methods

A pure, exquisite natural product

from the Arganeraie Biosphere Reserve.

This post is also available in: French German

This post is also available in: French German


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